The COVID pandemic gave us all the opportunity to stop and reflect on what we do and why we are doing it, both personally and professionally. We took the opportunity to reflect and consider our purpose as a Group: what we stood for and the contribution that we are looking to make.

Delivering results that delight our clients, inspire our people and support our communities

Delivering results

As a listed business, delivering results is a must. However, for Gateley, delivering results is not just about delivering financial results. As a signatory to the Better Business Act, we believe that we can be a force for good, benefiting our people, clients, communities and the environment whilst also delivering profit. By balancing these needs, we will be an employer of choice, an attractive investment opportunity, an organisation that clients are proud to collaborate with and a responsible business.

Inspire our people

We are a people business and a core element of our approach to being a responsible business is how we behave with the people that work within our Group. Inspiring our people is a fundamental part of our purpose and is underpinned by our values.

We have set up 4 staff network groups to support in our ambition to be an employer of choice:

Delight our clients

Our clients have shaped our story and will continue to shape our business as we move forward. 

We work for individuals and businesses of different sizes and corporate structures, across a variety of sectors and at different stages of their organisation lifecycle.

At the heart of our purpose is delivering a great service to our clients. We achieved a world class Net Promoter Score: 68, outperforming companies such as Apple, Amazon, American Express, TripAdvisor and YouTube. The score measures how many of our clients would recommend us, with scores over 50 seen as a reflection of world class organisations

What do our clients say?

  • 94% said we were good or excellent at meeting agreed deadlines.
  • 96% said that our specialist legal knowledge was good or excellent.
  • 90% said we were good or excellent at meeting agreed deadlines.

Support our communities

An important part of our purpose is supporting the communities in which we operate. Where we’re based and the people that we work with are a vital part of conducting our business. You can find out more about the support that we deliver in our communities section.