Reducing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact that we have and making a positive contribution to addressing climate change through the choices we make as a business.

COVID has had a significant impact on our energy usage in the year as we saw most of our staff working from home and our offices being used less frequently both by staff and visitors. As a result, we have achieved a notable reduction in the energy usage across all offices. Whilst this will increase as more employees begin to return to the office over the coming months, we are committed to implementing necessary strategies to retain the positive behaviours which will help us achieve our environmental goals.

Whether it is infrastructure projects or building new homes, Gateley is well-placed to influence the agenda as we work for 18 of the UK’s largest housebuilders and are involved in many significant infrastructure projects. We are able – through the professional advice that we give – to support our clients in delivering place strategies which are making a positive impact, levelling up opportunities for communities across the UK, and not just in the affluent South East, to benefit from improved, sustainable infrastructure and regeneration schemes.