Our learning & development programme

Your development will start on your very first day and will continue throughout your Gateley career.

We will support your progress every step of the way. Formal and on-the-job training will keep your skills sharp and relevant. You will build your experience on a day-to-day basis doing fascinating and career-enhancing works.

Developing your personal brand

We all have a personal brand, just not everyone knows how to manage it. In this highly interactive course we look at how you are perceived; by yourself; our colleagues; and our clients. We look at how to differentiate yourself, remaining authentic to your brand and how your brand sits within the wider brand of Gateley. 

Time management programme

Our Time Management Skills course will give you the tools you need to plan and prioritise your time and your to do list effectively and efficiently and to learn the art of getting into your flow and working without distraction. We also look at procrastination behaviours and how to eat your live frog!

How to network

Starting out on your career and trying to build a network of contacts can often lead to juniors turning up to the corporate equivalent of the ‘opening of an envelope’ in the hope that you meet a useful contact. In our session, How to Network we teach you how to grow your business network in a targeted and meaningful fashion, how to overcome those awkward networking meetings and how to build personal gravitas so that people you meet remember you, for the right reasons. 

Developing Leader programme

The Developing Leader programme is created in order to provide our future leaders with the skills they need to become effective leaders within our business. Each module on this practical and engaging programme is designed to give our people real skills that can be applied to make a difference in how it feels to lead in our business.