On your bike

Promoting green transport also has the pay-off of helping people improve their lifestyles.

Cycle2Work scheme

The firm’s commitment to the Cycle2Work scheme in England, designed to promote cycle use for commuters, is one such example.

Tim Connelly, Facilities Manager in the Birmingham office, says: “Come rain or shine, a brisk cycle into work in the morning certainly wakes you up and clears the cobwebs away. Sometimes the canal can look a bit bleak and the roads a tad busy, but coming in past all the other commuters stuck in their cars and on buses definitely gives a sense of satisfaction. No matter what the traffic is doing, it’s easy to avoid it, and my ride into the office takes about twenty minutes. Once here, there are secure bike parking facilities and a shower.

“The firm’s commitment to the Cycle2Work scheme has allowed me to invest in a much better and more reliable bike, while paying for it interest-free over twelve months. The majority of our offices offer parking facilities for cyclists and all are close to train stations so we are definitely starting to lead the way when it comes to encouraging people to take this much healthier and greener option to commuting.”