March 29, 2023

Force majeure in construction contracts

Gateley Legal

  • Time: 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
  • Networking / Virtual
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Force majeure typically describes an event that occurs that is beyond the control of the parties and prevents them from fulfilling contractual obligations.

But there is no precise legal definition of force majeure, and so what will constitute a force majeure event? This can be very difficult to predict with certainty, and there has been much debate over recent years, particularly with the arrival of the pandemic.  

Join our live 30 minute webinar where our four experts will discuss what is force majeure, its origins and exactly what constitutes a force majeure event in construction contracts. 


In this 30 minute webinar our experts will discuss, in the context of construction contracts: 

  • What does force majeure mean and what are its origins?
  • What are the requirements for force majeure and what is the court’s approach?
  • How do the standard form contracts address force majeure?
  • Force majeure in practice 
  • Top 5 tips to takeaway

Who should attend? 

This is essential viewing for any construction professionals including contractors, sub-contractors, developers and construction consultants, particularly those operating in England and Northern Ireland.