Nov. 18, 2022 - Feb. 17, 2023

Gateley Zwift Club

Gateley Legal

  • Time: 1 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
  • Networking / Virtual
  • Zwift or Strava

Gateley are excited to launch our new Zwift 'meetup' group.

Join the Gateley team, along with other Tour de Gateley riders, for a social ride around a Zwift course. The rides are an opportunity to catch up with friends and contacts or to just ride along with the group over the winter months. Each meetup will last for 45-minutes over a lunchtime and be suitable for all levels of rider, we will also include some competitive and fun ride options.

Key event information

  • Date: Third Friday of every month*
  • Next meet up: Friday 16th December
  • Time: 1pm
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Location: Zwift or Strava

Upcoming dates are: Friday 20th January & Friday 17th February

*There is no obligation to join all the Gateley Zwift meetups, you are welcome to join the club and join as many rides as you can attend.

What do I need to join?

Indoor cycling equipment

You will need:

  • A smart bike, or a bicycle with an indoor trainer or set of rollers.
  • An ANT+ or Bluetooth measurement tool such as a power meter, smart trainer or speed/cadence sensor with an ANT+ dongle.
  • A computer, smartphone, or tablet (connecting with Bluetooth or directly linked to your trainer).

Download Zwift

  • Download the game to a computer, iOS or Android device, or Apple TV and create an account. Zwift looks best on bigger screens.

Connect your equipment

  • Grab your bike and trainer, or smart bike. If you don’t have a trainer, Zwift works with most speed sensors and power meters (with a dongle).

Add Zwift Companion

  • If you want to chat to the riders on the meetup, you can add Zwift Companion, which gives you the ability to chat, make U-turns, and interact with other Zwifters.

Follow Gateley Zwift Club

  • To join the meetups, you will need to follow the Gateley Club on Zwift Companion. Search 'Gateley Zwift Club' in the app and request to follow.

Join the meetup

  • You can confirm your attendance to a meetup through Strava and/or Zwift. Instructions will be sent once you have joined the Gateley Zwift Club by clicking the button below.