June 15, 2021

Covid-19 - Managing employment issues surrounding Vaccines, Holidays, Monitoring, Privacy and other UK GDPR, Health & Safety and Employment processes

Gateley Legal

  • Start time: 10 a.m.
  • Q&A / Virtual

As the UK further eases out of the latest Covid lockdown, people are understandably keen to return to some kind of normality.  

As we look forward to the further relaxing of restrictions, whether that happens on 21 June or a later date - let's face it, at this point, your guess is as good as ours - businesses will also have to deal with further issues such as employees going abroad on holidays and what the implications of them doing so might be in relation to quarantining on return or the risk of passing on new strains of the virus.

During this interactive webinar, hosted in collaboration with Another Recruitment, you will hear from our Employment, Regulatory and CTM experts, who will offer advice and guidance on travel, H&S considerations as well as the UK GDPR implications of monitoring special category personal data related to travel and Covid risks.

During the webinar, we will explore questions such as:

  • When can we fully open up our workplace?  
  • What will it look like when we do? 
  • How receptive will employees be returning to the workplace?
  • What action can we take if employees refuse to return to work, and what are the risks for us if we take it?
  • What are some of the personal data and monitoring implications of returning to the post-Covid workplace?

Who is this webinar aimed at?

HR Professionals and those responsible for Personnel.


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