Sept. 8, 2020

Inclusive leadership webinar

Kiddy & Partners

Recent months have presented new challenges for every organisation and leader. COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter Campaign have raised significant questions about how effective leaders are at engaging, motivating and empowering employees.

Join Charlotte Harman and Zara Whysall as they harness psychological insights from research and practice to amplify your leaders’ impact in 2020 and beyond. The webinar will help you to understand which leadership mindsets, behaviours, and styles are having the most prominent positive impact in this current environment.

During the webinar speakers will:

  • Define inclusive leadership
  • Evidence the business benefits of inclusive leadership
  • Unearth why its importance has been and will continue to be amplified due to COVID-19
  • Explain what the above means for leaders in clear behavioural terms
  • Outline concrete actions to support your leaders to act more inclusively and make it personal to them – shifting the onus onto them as leaders to develop to ensure they are leaders of the future 

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