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A global programme for emerging leaders

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Kiddy & Partners

Their challenge:

How could Aberdeen Standard nurture the next generation of potential leaders to take on more senior roles and keep up with the fast-paced growth fuelled by acquisition?

Our solution:

We engaged with senior Aberdeen executives across the globe to identify the leadership capabilities they believed leaders would need to navigate future challenges with confidence. After this consultation, we were able to design a three-year global leadership development programme.

Featuring a combination of highly interactive and discussion-oriented sessions that equip participants with tools and practices they can use to evolve their leadership style, the programme also includes 360 degree feedback, mentoring and coaching to support individuals become authentic and effective leaders. 

The impact:

The programme has helped unleash leadership potential across the organisation. Since its inception, over 160 people have experienced the programme, mastering leadership practices that have empowered them to motivate, and manage and develop staff more effectively. 

Confirming they are now better equipped to take up promotions and step into broader leadership roles, participants report being able to navigate complex change and influence and lead stakeholders across the organisation – and beyond – with greater personal agility and creativity.

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