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Advising EASL on R&D tax credit claims

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Engineering Analysis Services, an advanced engineering consultancy, engaged Gateley Capitus to manage their R&D tax relief claims in order to benefit from Gateley Capitus’ industry expertise, knowledge and experience of the R&D scheme.

Engineering Analysis Services Limited (EASL) is  an advanced engineering consultancy specialising in providing cost-effective solutions to structural integrity problems. Their services include the analysis and assessment of engineering components, systems and structures.

Based in the northwest of England, EASL has clients in the nuclear, power, defence and petrochemical sectors with an approach focused on providing innovative solutions to their clients’ problems.

Having claimed R&D tax credits previously, EASL were introduced to Gateley Capitus and made the decision to change provider and work with the Gateley Capitus team. “At our initial meeting, the Gateley Capitus team illustrated their knowledge and experience in dealing with R&D tax credit claims” explains David Hurst, Management Accountant and Company Secretary. “They presented a very professional and credible alternative to our previous provider, so we made the decision to change over to Gateley Capitus fairly quickly.”

After an initial meeting to plan the claim delivery process in more detail, the Gateley Capitus and EASL’s technical teams met on-site to identify the qualifying activities and discuss those projects in more detail. The technical team at Gateley Capitus were then able to take the information and structure this into a technical report to justify the claim with HMRC. The qualifying financial information was collated by the Gateley Capitus team in conjunction with EASL, with further discussions to determine the correct qualifying expenditure to calculate the claim benefit.

“A delivery plan was agreed with the Gateley Capitus team who demonstrated their flexibility by accepting information as it was collated to enable them to start compiling the claim rather than to wait until all information was available” commented David. “Regular dialogue between Gateley Capitus and EASL took place during the claim process to ensure that we were on target for delivering that information by the agreed dates.”

EASL is  constantly looking to design and develop new processes and procedures and to enhance their existing processes and procedures by identifying new technologies. Gateley Capitus’ technical team were able to use their industry expertise, knowledge and experience of the scheme to ensure this and all future claims are compliant with HMRC’s evolving guidelines.

“Once the delivery plan had been agreed, Gateley Capitus took full ownership of the process ensuring the claim was delivered to plan” confirmed David. “We look forward to working with Gateley Capitus for future claims and value the support they provide through their extensive experience of the R&D tax credit scheme as we explore new markets and technologies.”

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