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Assessments to appoint leaders to an international managers programme

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Their challenge:

Prior to moving senior leaders into one of the most senior International Manager roles in the Bank, HSBC want to get the most robust assessment of their potential to make the shifts required to succeed in these fast paced challenging roles.

Our Solution:

Designed specifically for HSBC’s senior cadre, participants spend a day running a business outside the Banking sector to test the transferability of their leadership skills.  This is complemented by an in-depth interview with our senior business psychologists,  interview-based 360 and psychometric data.

Feedback is provided to the business and the participant on all aspects of their performance against the capabilities and values of the Bank, strengths, development areas and suggestions for development, as well as potential.

The impact:

HSBC’s HR department has found the assessment process to be very insightful and has allowed them to focus development spend in the right areas, as well as ensure that those with the highest potential are provided with the right kind of support as they move into more senior roles.

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