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Developing sales & BD capability for future success

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Kiddy & Partners

Their challenge:

Due to significant changes in their operating landscape, QinetiQ and BAE Systems needed to elevate the performance of their business winning teams. They needed to understand their current capability, the skills gaps they needed to close and what development leaders required across key business winning areas.

Our solution:

We helped both organisations define capabilities for future success. These new competency frameworks underpinned our analysis of the strengths and development areas of the workforce.  Using a development centre approach, we tested the skills and abilities within a simulated environment. Each person received feedback, along with tailored individual development reports. We worked alongside the leadership of the key functions to create an action plan to raise skills levels across the business wining community. We also assisted QinetiQ with the creation of a recruitment strategy for key roles and skills shortfalls ad conducted senior assessments on the business’s behalf. 

The impact: as a result of our work, each business can now: 

  • Align key talent to relevant roles
  • Create medium term talent development programmes and interventions to raise performance standards
  • Foster much closer working relationships with their business winning counterparts in other functions
  • Reduce silo mind-sets and fast forward the collaborative process required to create winning propositions
  • Build a talent management strategy for the entire function, raising the status of business winning internally. 

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