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Leadership development programme to encourage collaboration

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Kiddy & Partners

Their challenge:

How could Brit Insurance leverage their two below ExCo population’s reputation as being key to embedding a culture of collaboration and innovation to enable the organisation to continue to be successful in a challenging and dynamic market?

Our solution:

We developed a modular programme with integrated coaching and peer support to ensure maximum transfer and application of learning. Highly experiential sessions enable debate, discussion and experimentation, leading to significant personal change in many of the participants’ leadership approaches. Sponsorship from an exec member ensures strategic imperatives are built into the design.

The impact:

Feedback from line managers and the wider team indicates that the programme participants have already been demonstrating different leadership styles and techniques, with enhanced team performance as a result.

In a recent re-organisation, 80% of the senior positions were filled by people who had been on the Leadership programme in the last 2 years.

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