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Making headway in the rapidly growing electric vehicle charge point installation market

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We were appointed to advise on the launch of a new UK-wide electric vehicle (EV) charge point installation business.

What was the problem?

Oasthouse Ventures sought advice on the legal structure and procedures to enable it to launch EV Chargers, a new business which is seeking to make electric vehicle charging points more accessible throughout the UK, by offering zero CAPEX and OPEX solutions to all sectors (i.e. home, workplace, public and commercial).

How did we help?

Our team included Vijay Patel, real estate partner, Rachael Waugh, real estate associate and Sarah Reynolds, commercial partner. We advised on:

  1. legal documents, comprising installer supply contract terms, option agreements and leases; 
  2. regulatory advice on electricity supply terms; and 
  3. establishing a streamlined procedure integrating the sales and legal process to try to achieve lease completion and installation as efficiently as possible, which is vital for a business targeting 100,000 installations in the next 5 years. 

How did this benefit the client?

The client needed to establish standard documentation and processes that were user-friendly, fair and mortgagee compliant for landowners, in keeping with the client’s financial model and flexible enough to adapt to a rapidly changing market. 

By understanding and being sensitive to these competing interests, we worked with the client to develop a “best-fit” solution.

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