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Senior leader selection assessments

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Their challenge:

How can Nomad Foods ensure they make the right hiring decisions and have the right guidance to set the newly appointed leaders up for success?

Our solution:

We have assessed many senior candidates, both external and internal, using our simulation assessments. These assessments include activities that stretch participants beyond their current operating levels and to assess their suitability for the specific roles at Nomad Foods.

The participants receive in-depth one to one feedback after the assessment and successful candidates use this assessment to build a development plan for their new role. 

Kiddy provide trusted recommendations to the senior leaders and hiring managers at Nomad Foods, evidenced in our ongoing work with them for a variety of roles over a number of years. 

The impact:

The business is able to make informed hiring decisions based on evidence of what the delegates can do in the simulated environment and based on our psychologists' critical judgements. They also have an awareness of the development areas to look out for when onboarding individuals into new roles.  

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