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Using development assessments to identify future functional leaders

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Kiddy & Partners

Their challenge:

How could MBDA identify potential future executives and better understand what development their leaders required to meet market challenges?

Our solution:

Kiddy worked closely with subject matter experts and key leaders in MBDA to develop an effective developmental assessment process. To enhance the realism of the assessment, Kiddy created a bespoke business simulation designed to mirror the organisation’s challenges; transformational change in the industry landscape and the need for ‘ready now’ successors. 

Kiddy partnered with key leaders in the UK Business and HR teams to conduct the leadership assessments. The approach enabled MBDA to better identify the existing skills of their leaders, revealing hidden talent,  as well as highlighting areas of improvement.

The impact:

The MBDA Development Centres have been an invaluable tool for the business in identifying the development needs of their high potential leaders. 

Talent Manager, MBDA commented: "I’d definitely recommend Kiddy. They created a great solution for us by immersing themselves in our business and taking the time to understand our culture. Their knowledge of the defence sector really helped, as did the seniority and experience of their people."

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