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How to build business resilience in a complex and uncertain world

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Mike Owtram explores how businesses can build resilience in an ever more complex and uncertain world.

By looking at resilience at an organisational, team and individual level, Kiddy & Partners work with individuals to challenge their thinking and build on their personal resilience. 


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I think businesses need to build resilience because the world is becoming ever more complex, uncertain, ambiguous, and so the tried and tested ways of the past are unlikely to hold too much more into the future.

And so when we're thinking about resilience, we think about that at an organisational, team and individual level. I mean clearly as an individual, there's just more and more demands on people today and they're pulled in multiple different directions. Even in a small or medium-sized organisation, people have just got different stakeholders, customers, suppliers, that they need to be responsive to. And so being stretched really thin, it's easy to doubt oneself and doubt that you're doing a good job.

So one of the things that we work on with people is just their mental toughness. There's a neuroscientist called Rick Hanson who recognises that if you simply focus on thinking what's positive about a situation for between 10 and 20 seconds, it really just lifts your mood and it overcomes the fact that our brains are kind of hardwired to think negatively about situations and circumstances.

The other thing that people can do to become more resilient is to challenge their thinking. Sometimes, we'll be in a difficult situation and our mind just wants to tell us why they're not doing a very good job, they're not responding as others would, and so putting things in perspective is really important.

I think resilience requires courage and flexibility. What Brexit is going to require is of leaders, individually, collectively, really to acknowledge that the future is unknown, that we don't know what's going to happen, but the best preparation that can be made is to seek to become agile, so flexible to make change happen quickly in light of how the situation unfolds.

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