Property market review: the future of the high street

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The high street has suffered immeasurably this year as a result of reduced footfall, a rise in e-commerce and lockdown restrictions put in place because of Covid-19. However, it’s hard to deny the fact that the high street has been suffering for some time and the pandemic has merely sped up the process for many businesses.

Nevertheless, the high street has proven itself incredibly resilient over the years, adapting time and time again to new circumstances and different consumer behaviours. 

This webinar considers the changes we can expect on the high street, along with the challenges and opportunities these changes present to the property market.

Our experts consider:

  • Insolvencies, CVAs and the changing face of the high street. 
  • The high street property market: Will this be a level playing field across each property type, what does this mean for property values and how will lease negotiations change?
  • How will the landlord-tenant relationship change?
  • Opportunities for local authorities to regenerate the high street and what this could mean for owners and occupiers.
  • Changes to the planning Use Classes Order and opportunities it presents while restrictions are in place.