The Future of Leadership: trends emerging from our latest research

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In this video, our leadership assessment and development experts, Charlotte Harman and Carina Derrick, discuss the emerging trends in the latest research conducted by Kiddy & Partners.

Watch now to hear more about the increased emphasis for leaders on creating purpose at both an organisational and personal level, and how leaders now need to be expert in not being an expert while dealing with uncertainty and learning to un-learn.

Interested in the Future of Leadership?

We’re hosting a roundtable on Thursday 25 March focusing on Expertise vs. Awareness. This is the second in the series and we will be focusing on whether leaders now need to be an expert in not knowing and let go of their expertise. Specifically, we will be exploring the answers to the following questions:

  • To what extent do leaders now need to be expert in not being an expert?
  • How can leaders learn quickly and unlearn even more quickly?
  • How do leaders balance being an expert or enabling others?
  • How do leaders maintain a level of awareness of functional, industry and internal knowledge to make good decisions?
  • How do leaders become ‘aware enough’ to be able to make good decisions quickly?

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