The Pension Schemes Bill: the Pensions Regulator’s new moral hazard powers

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The Pension Schemes Bill is currently passing through the committee stages in Parliament and is expected to become law before the end of the year. Among other things, the Bill contains wide new “moral hazard” powers for the Pensions Regulator including several new criminal offences that it will be able to enforce.

Whilst the new powers are aimed at protecting schemes from wilful or reckless disregard, the wording of the relevant provisions has been widely criticised within the pensions industry and by the wider business community as potentially hindering and even criminalising legitimate activity.

In our latest on-demand webinar, Partner, Michael Collins explains the key provisions of the Bill. 

What will we cover?

  • Background to the Pension Schemes Bill
  • Wider anti-avoidance powers for Pensions Regulator
  • New criminal offences
  • New notification requirements
  • Enhanced investigatory powers

Who should watch this webinar?

Trustees, employers, advisers and anyone else involved in a business with a defined benefit pension scheme will need to know about the upcoming changes.

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