What is the right insurance for your construction project?

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Watch our on-demand webinar for a guide to the different types of insurance and their main features.

We all know that insurance is an essential provision in construction when it comes to protecting stakeholders from financial risk. Risks on construction projects can be significant, and so insurance is very common.

But what are the different types of insurance and when should each type by used?

During this on-deamnd webinar, our experts offer:

  • A brief overview to the various types of insurance you get in construction, in both public and private sector development projects; 
  • The key features and considerations you need to be aware of for each from a legal perspective; and 
  • A few practical examples of how effective – or in some cases ineffective – the choice of insurance can be.

The types of insurance we will look at are:

  • Contract works insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Latent defects insurance (LDI)

This is essential viewing for any construction professionals including contractors, sub-contractors, developers and construction consultants, particularly those operating in England and Northern Ireland.

What is the right insurance for your construction project?

Watch this webinar on-demand

Understand the various types of construction insurance, legal considerations and practical exaples of how effective insurance can be across both private and public sector development projects.

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