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Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors

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On 3 July 2020, the Home Office published a list of countries from which travellers will not be required to self-isolate upon arrival to the UK for 14 days.

For the last month, the UK has required all visitors to the UK to complete an online form 48 hours before travelling to the UK to nominate an address at which the travellers will remain in self-isolation for 2 weeks upon arrival. Today the UK has listed 49 countries, which are largely European Union, Australia and New Zealand and countries in the Caribbean that were former British territories, from which travellers will not have to self-isolate for two weeks. View the full details of the qualifying countries.

Anyone travelling from these countries other than those who have been in non-qualifying countries within a two-week period proceeding their travel to the UK will be required to share their contact details and details of where they will be residing in the UK, but will not be required to self-isolate for two weeks. 

Noticeable exceptions from the list are the US, Canada, China and India – countries with traditionally significant numbers of travellers into the UK every year. However, the quarantine rules regard the country from which a traveller has departed to the UK and not his or her nationality. A US national who has resided in Jamaica for 2 weeks can travel to the UK without needing to self-isolate. Visitors to the UK might consider a fortnight in the Caribbean before travelling to the UK as a better option that remaining indoors in the UK for the same length of time.

The list will be routinely updated via the same link given above.

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