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Fast-boarding new recruits

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The rapid pace of change affecting many industries means that often, when graduates join an organisation, their knowledge and skills are already dated.

On top of this, any new recruit needs to develop an understanding of business they’ve joined, its people, products, processes, purpose, and market position.  They must also learn how to navigate its organisational culture effectively. The challenge is that whilst all of this is happening, the employee’s contribution to the business is limited.

Our recent research revealed that lack of graduate work readiness is creating a problematic productivity lag for firms.  Our findings suggest that it can take up to two years before a new graduate is contributing fully to the business they’ve joined.

When competitive advantage comes from your people, and your people represent your largest investment, this is a costly problem. Given the importance of maximising human capital in a tight talent environment, reducing the work readiness lag presents an important opportunity for enhancing organisational performance.

Not only is it costly in terms of productivity and contribution to the business, but research also shows that lack of work-readiness leads to reduced job satisfaction and work engagement.  New employees are likely to leave a business if they feel they’re left floundering.  So, accelerating work-readiness is a win-win.  It’s better for the business, and it’s better for employees.

New recruits should be supported to accelerate their work-readiness on entering your business. Kiddy helps clients achieve this through Fast Boarding.  In our experience, graduates often report being “ground down” by standardised onboarding and training programmes, which can lack pace and relevance.  Like their employers, graduates want to demonstrate their worth immediately.  They don’t want to wait to get stuck into weighty projects, while they’re sent out on a tour of the business to slowly accumulate a generic understanding of how it operates.

Fast boarding is a high pressure, high paced induction process which uses tailored assessment data to streamline the entire process for speed and efficiency.  An integrated assessment and development process identifies the precise development needs which will enable each individual to accelerate their performance, and immersive experiences such as bespoke simulations fast-track development of relevant capability.  It also helps new recruits to understand your organisation’s culture, how to operate effectively within it, and how they can contribute to shaping the culture in line with shared values.

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