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Technology & Talent in 2016

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Attracting and retaining talent has always been a hot topic, and even more so with the increasing Millennial workforce.

But it’s not just about developing the tech savvy generation, our existing leaders can also be given a development helping hand using the same tech tools Millennials have grown up with. There are many ideas bandied about on the best way to achieve this, however in an effort to keep it simple, here are our top three tips:

  1. Mobile & e-learning. If you haven’t made the move already, ensuring your learning modules are available online and can be accessed via tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices will be a key development in 2016. Think about adopting micro-modules as part of the mobile package – short, sharp lessons, no longer than 10-15 minutes, that leaders can engage with and get excited about e.g. Ted-ed. This will help give even the most time-restricted individuals access to learning materials.
  2. Drive collaboration and reduce silo thinking with social media. Instant messaging sites and collaboration tools e.g. Sharepoint, Slack and Huddle, not only reduce email traffic but encourage the sharing of ideas and discussions across levels and boundaries, tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit seen in many Millennials.
  3. Consider mentoring. But not just flowing downwards. You could take a leaf out of Sainsburys’ book and send it upwards as well, with the younger, more tech savvy Millennials mentoring more senior leaders on how to use technology to their advantage.

At Kiddy & Partners we have designed our own leadership development platform, KaPture, that incorporates both mobile and social learning tools. Not only can you host your leadership development programmes and activities on the platform but it is combined with a personal portfolio where delegates can share information, track development, network and build a career plan, giving them complete control over their current and future development.

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