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Transformational talent development: is adaptation essential in changing business environments?

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Progress brings change to a business and its workforce making it increasingly important to recognise the need for good people practices to continue to build on times of great transformation.

Charles Jones and Zara Whysall spoke to business leaders at the Nottingham Partners business lunch earlier this month to discuss transformational talent development, the current pace of change in a wide range of businesses and the extent to which organisations and their people are prepared to meet the challenges.

What are the issues?

Research from our most recent survey with talent and HR professionals revealed that virtually all organisations consider themselves to be in a state of constant flux:

  • An astonishing 68% said they were undergoing a 'significant change'
  • Whilst 29% stated they were experiencing a period of ‘moderate change’

This could be attributed in part to the rate of technological change outpacing humans, who may struggle to keep up with new advancements.

What are the solutions?

These statistics provide a strong indication that workforce's need to be agile, adaptable and able to develop new skill sets quickly. Therefore it is important to think critically about people development practices within organisations. It is also important to identify common mistakes that could be made when considering how to develop employee skill sets.

Business is human

In an increasingly digital age, the importance of the human element of an organisation is sometimes missed. It’s vital to remember that businesses are still ultimately about human beings. Take the time to talk to your workforce and ask how they are feeling. Employees need to feel motivated for success to fulfil their goals and those of the company.

The purpose, mastery and autonomy framework encourages us to consider what motivates us and our employees. Is it the prospect of a promotion, an end of year bonus or is it that people just love what they do? Understanding this framework is integral in fostering a sense of motivation in employees.

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