Talent pipelines aren’t delivering

In a world that is changing so rapidly, the businesses that will thrive and not just survive will be the ones that are able to assess, accelerate and appoint the right leaders needed for their tomorrow. But research and our experience shows that most talent pipelines under deliver.

Talent continues to be seen by most CEOs as a key business risk and as of November 2020 features in their top 3 concerns

Heads of Talent & Learning we talk to tell us that …

  • Senior managers won’t take the risk on appointing internal talent
  • Development plans are left in a drawer and not actioned
  • ‘Ready later’ succession candidates never move to ‘ready now’
  • Development programmes fail to demand or measure improvement
  • Talent is assessed infrequently, usually when one-off decisions are needed
  • They struggle to demonstrate return on investment to their stakeholders

But if we strip it all back, what’s wrong?

Kiddy assess and accelerate the right leaders for your tomorrow

Using the latest insights from behavioural science, we unblock your talent pipelines using our flexible framework that we configure to your context, priorities and budget.

Phase 1 Activate 

Through innovative techniques we build and sustain your talent’s commitment to their personal journey

Phase 2 Assess

We identify objectively who will develop furthest and fastest and how this can be accelerated

Phase 3 Assign

We work with you to identify the right stretch experiences that will move individuals rapidly along the talent pipeline and become ‘ready now’ successors

Phase 4 Accelerate

We provide the tools and support to enable people to extract the maximum learning from both their day jobs and stretch experiences

Phase 5 Appoint

We enable your talent to onboard new stretching roles confidently, supporting their successful transition

How do we unblock your talent pipelines?

The organisations we’ve helped

We’ve helped unblock the talent pipelines of these leading organisations. For each we’ve tailored our approach to their context and priorities, delivering highly successful programmes both in person and virtually.


BAE Systems

Their problem
Did they have the bench strength needed to win business in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

Our solution
We developed and ran development centres simulating the future business and personal capabilities required. Our assessments gave individuals insight into their strengths and development priorities, as well as providing actionable insight for the functional leadership team.


Aberdeen Standard

Their problem
How would they develop their emerging talent as leaders of change rather than pure technical specialists?

Our solution
We designed a global programme to equip their emerging leaders with the leadership and management skills required to accelerate their contribution to business growth. 



Their problem
Which of their senior leaders really had the potential to succeed as a senior international manager?

Our solution
We carried out comprehensive assessments of leadership capability and potential, using behavioural observation, a deep dive interview and psychometric assessment.



Their problem
Needing to bring new senior talent in, who could they safely appoint with the capability to transform the organisation while fitting Britvic’s culture?

Our solution
Our experienced psychologists carried out deep dive interviews to assess whether the individuals had the critical leadership capabilities and personal qualities to be successful in Britvic. 


Philip Morris International

Their problem
Faced with the transformation of their entire business, which of their leaders were willing and able to lead that change?

Our solution
We aligned our approach to Philip Morris’s transformational attributes, and ran half-day developmental leadership assessments to activate and accelerate their leader’s development.


SAB Miller

Their problem
How would they enable their Country MDs to embrace the shifts in mindset and behaviour required for their new operating model to succeed?

Our solution
Using one of our benchmarked business simulations we enabled their MDs to experience and get feedback on how they would need to operate in an organisation requiring more collaborative, consumer centric behaviours. 

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