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Pre- and post-nuptial agreements

Our specialist family law solicitors in Reading provide expertise on drafting pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements in a non-confrontational, constructive manner. These financial agreements are increasingly popular and our Reading family law experts advise and draft pre- and post-nuptial agreements with the utmost skill and sensitivity, taking into account UK and overseas business interests and property.

Divorce and family law

In Reading, our family law solicitors offer compassionate, clear legal advice to families going through the difficult process of a separation, dissolution of civil partnership or a divorce. Our Reading team has many years’ experience of family law and divorce issues, offering the support and care needed in these challenging situations, particularly involving the welfare of any children, and are widely regarded in Reading as legal experts in divorce issues. We advise on complex financial remedies as well as residence and future contact of any children (also known as child arrangement orders). 

Child Law

Where a child is taken abroad by a spouse or partner before or following a divorce or separation, our family law solicitors in Reading respond quickly with practical legal advice to protect the welfare of any children involved. We appreciate that any situation involving children can be highly emotive and challenging, especially removal from the jurisdiction, and offer in-depth expertise in all cross-border child law matters. Our Reading family law solicitors can advise on prohibited steps to take or specific issue orders as well as adoption issues.

Property in a divorce

Our family law team advise on all property issues arising out of a divorce or separation, especially where the future home of the children need to be considered. Our Reading based family law professionals provide excellent all-round legal advice, from high-value assets in the UK and overseas, to the main matrimonial home. 

Maintenance and financial remedy

We appreciate that cost and discretion are a priority when making decisions about future maintenance payments and any financial arrangements. Avoiding a lengthy legal battle is paramount when finalising a mutually beneficial financial settlement and our Reading family law solicitors guide and support you through the whole process of maintenance payments and division of property. 

All our Reading office family law solicitors are members of Resolution and we work hard to find a solution as quickly as possible, resolving any issues before they become litigious. 

What are the divorce proceedings key steps?

  1. The divorce process which commences with the preparation of a Divorce Petition and is concluded when Decree Absolute is ordered by the Court
  2.  The preparation and exchange of financial disclosure
  3. Bespoke legal advice as to the financial options available to you based upon the specific circumstances of your case,
  4. Negotiation of the terms of financial settlement until a full and final agreement is reached
  5.  Preparation of the Consent Order setting out the terms of the financial agreement and obtaining the Court’s approval creating a legally binding Court Order
  6. Implementing the terms of the agreement

How long does the process take?

"Quickie divorces” are an invention of the press and a myth.  No matter who you are when you commence divorce  proceedings the procedure is the same for everyone, with no short cuts.  However, with the assistance of your matrimonial solicitor the procedure can be straightforward and they will guide efficiently you through the process, preparing the necessary Divorce Petition and other applications until the Decree Absolute is made by the Court.

How can you make divorce proceedings less stressful?

Take legal advice as early as you can to educate yourself as to the legal process, and what is involved, the likely costs and timescales and an overview of the potential options for a financial settlement.  We know how hard it is for you to send that email or pick up the phone to make the first contact with a lawyer but we are here waiting to help you whenever you are ready.

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