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Running a business isn't easy; it requires insight, determination and commitment.

Straight talking business success is a guide to help you grow and develop your business. We join experts to discuss the best practice on tackling the issues most commonly faced, and questions most frequently asked, by business owners and managers. Guests cover everything from the initial set up of a business to the development of people, managing suppliers and mitigating risk.

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Episode 5

Disrupting the market through successful innovation

Oli Hills, CEO of Updates Media, joins us to discuss his successful business journey...

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Episode 4

Alternative trading vehicles

Choosing a trading vehicle for your business can be risky and uncertain. Our host sits down with Adam Percival, Senior Associate in our Corporate team, to discuss alternative trading vehicles for those looking to set up a business.

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Episode 3

How to effectively manage people performance in your business

Our guests look at the various scenarios associated with managing performance and how to deal with them.

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