Lifetime achievement award for Malcolm McPherson


This week Malcolm McPherson, Senior Partner of HBJ Gateley, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from WeDO Scotland for his contribution to the Scottish entrepreneurial community. Malcolm was honoured to receive the award and commented:

‘‘WeDO is led by quality people who give their time, skill and energy to helping those who for the most part are starting out on their business lives so it gave me great pleasure to have my career recognised by them.

I enjoy my firm HBJ Gateley being referred to as entrepreneurial and take it as a great compliment. The fact that we have represented so many successful businesses across the UK, many of whom we have worked with

from their infancy gives me great pride.

For a country to be successful it needs a constant stream of new businesses and organisations who help and promote in the early stages are invaluable. WeDO is one such organisation. ‘’

Malcolm received his award at the WeDO Scotland annual conference.