Caragh O'Brien


Kiddy & Partners

  • London
  • t: 0207 653 1746


Caragh helps to successfully deliver Kiddy’s many varied and exciting projects. Working alongside consultants, Caragh is responsible for the calibration of reports and analysis of data to provide meaningful insights to clients and participants. She also manages client relationships and the successful delivery of leadership development programmes, individual assessments, and assessment and development centres for large scale and global projects across Kiddy’s clients. With a background in psychology and HR, Caragh has a BSc (hons) and a Masters (Distinction) in Occupational Psychology from Goldsmiths, University of London.


  1. Observing developmental assessment interviews to ensure a consistent participant experience for Kiddy & Partners’ largest project.
  2. Calibrating and reviewing participants’ reports following developmental assessments to ensure the client receives reports of the highest quality and the participants are accurately benchmarked against their cohort.
  3. Analysing participants’ data to provide meaningful insights to the client in relation to how the cohort has performed against a number of occupational measures.

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