Danielle Haston

Legal Director

Gateley Legal

  • Manchester
  • t: 0161 836 7728
  • m: 0792 021 8227


Danielle has significant specialist experience in civil fraud, corporate recovery and litigation. She heads up the department’s Project (high value complex) Litigation team in the North of the country. 

Danielle is predominantly instructed by Insolvency Act officeholders but also advises UK local authorities, private equity houses, investors, foreign creditors and company directors on institutional civil financial fraud, asset stripping and tax avoidance including working alongside the criminal authorities where there is a civil/criminal overlap. She has solid cross-border experience and is heavily involved in the firm’s Russia and CIS litigation practice on claims where there is a route to bringing claims from those jurisdictions in the UK. She is now developing a crypto-asset recovery niche practice to assist both insolvency practitioners and victims of high value fraud aimed at investigating, tracing and recovering cryptocurrency and assets bought with fraudulently obtained crypto and she is a member of CAPAG.

The cases which Danielle handles are usually high value breach of duty, breach of trust type claims with claims against directors and their accessories under a variety of heads of claim and commonly include an element of asset stripping or fraud.

Danielle has experience of running civil claims where there is an interaction with criminal proceedings and has acted on behalf of officeholders alongside public authorities, such as the CPS and the police, including in restraint cases.

While her cases are predominantly corporate in nature, Danielle has been involved in a variety of personal insolvency cases and also acts for creditors to advise on recovery strategy pre-insolvency, particularly with a view to securing assets where a risk of dissipation is envisaged upon insolvency proceedings being commenced.

Danielle has experience of advising upon and obtaining interim orders as protective measures, including delivery up orders, search orders, freezing injunctions and orders appointing provisional liquidator(s). Danielle also has cross-border asset recovery experience both recovering assets outside the UK for UK based officeholders, but has also acted on behalf of foreign officeholder to secure recoveries in the UK.


  1. Advising on the Supreme Court case: Bilta (UK) Ltd (In Liquidation) -v- Nazir & Others [2015] 2 W.L.R. 1168.
  2. Advising on the Court of Appeal case: Revenue & Customs Commissioners -v- Rochdale Drinks Distributors Ltd [2013] B.C.C. 419.
  3. Advising on the Conduct of Committal Application for Contempt of Court: Power & Others -v- Hodges & Others [2015] EWHC 2931 (Ch).

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