Jacqui is a highly experienced HPC Registered Chartered Occupational Psychologist who works in the fields of assessment, individual development and employee well-being. Her particular area of specialism is in assessing and developing senior to executive level leaders, which she does across a wide number of sectors, both nationally and internationally. 

Jacqui has led many assessment, coaching and development projects with international organisations, as well as taking the role of lead assessor, facilitator and coach for clients. 

She is qualified in psychometrics that include: BPS TUOA, NEO-PI-R, OPQ, MQ, HPI, HDS, MVPI, Talent Q Dimensions, EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360.


  1. Leading an executive assessment programme for the role of Permanent Secretary in Northern Ireland, reporting directly to Northern Ireland’s First Minister.
  2. Acting as assessor in an ongoing worldwide assessment programme for PepsiCo’s advanced and emerging leaders.
  3. Undertaking senior, director and executive assessments in the UK and Europe for clients including HSBC, Cobham, Panasonic, Santander, Aon and Engie. 
  4. Acting as assessor in an assessment project with the top 50 women in Lloyds Bank for the purpose of increasing diversity at board level.
  5. Designing numerous ability and situational judgement tests to assess capability, fit, values and attitude for clients including Aon and Well Pharmacy.