Louise O'Toole


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  • London
  • t: 0207 653 1667
  • m: 07936 364 300


Louise provides a mixture of traditional private client and UK tax advice for international client services, in particular to mid and high net worth individuals either living in the UK or non-UK individuals with UK interests.


  1. Advising various Middle Eastern clients on the most UK tax efficient option for "de-enveloping” UK residential property owned via non-UK company or trust/company structures. 
  2. Advising X who is UK resident but non-UK domiciled, or non-UK resident and non-UK domiciled, on their options for purchasing, selling or gifting UK property and the UK tax implications of each option.
  3. Advising Y in respect of his or her UK domicile position from a UK tax perspective and when he or she will become UK resident for UK tax purposes.
  4. Advising Z (often a trustee or UK resident beneficiary of a trust) on the application of the transfer of asset abroad rules.
  5. Advising A on the application of the remittance basis of taxation, the remittance basis charge and when there might be a remittance to the UK.

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