Oliver specialises in providing immigration advice to companies and to individuals. He supports companies with managing the legal immigration requirements of global assignments, particularly for companies looking to hire workers into a UK office.

Oliver is a specialist in advising overseas companies and entrepreneurs with regards setting up UK offices and companies in line with UK immigration law.

Having provided advice to individuals on complex areas of European Union free movement law for many years, Oliver was well-placed to be able to provide insightful advice to companies and individuals in light of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Oliver remains a highly reliable source of the most up-to-date Brexit developments.

Oliver’s clients have included many FTSE 100 companies and household names in a wide range of sectors.


  1. Advising a large Australian mining company with establishing a UK office including the relocation of senior executives from overseas.
  2. Advising on the movement of performers around the world for a media subsidiary of a FTSE 100 and Fortune 50 company.
  3. Resolving a sponsorship licence issue for one of the largest global Indian restaurant chains to enable the company to continue sponsoring workers in the UK.
  4. Regularly speaking on the subject of Brexit at the French Chamber of Commerce, APSCO and within many UK companies.
  5. Creating an online tool to enable companies to assess themselves in terms of their preparedness to be audited by the Home Office.

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