Paul is an experienced Chartered Surveyor specialising in Employer’s Agent and bank/ fund monitoring commissions, undertaking the roles on commercial, leisure and retail developments and with extensive experience on large high-specification residential properties.

In his role as Employer’s Agent, Paul works with clients, consultants, and design team members to ensure key objectives are achieved on new build and refurbishment projects in private, residential, and commercial sectors, undertaking all aspects of quantity surveying pre- and post-contract, from feasibility stage through to settlement of final accounts.

How do you help clients?

I advise and support clients on the following aspects of pre- and post-contract:


  • Development cost and feasibility
  • Programme expectations
  • Drawings and specification suitability
  • Statutory consents – compliance with planning, building regulations, health and safety, environmental issues
  • Procurement and building contract – options and suitability


  • Financial reporting – periodic reports to confirm anticipated construction costs
  • Statutory consents – ensuring compliance with building control and other related aspects
  • Chair site progress meetings, prepare and issue minutes
  • Report to the client on a regular basis, implement revised client instructions where necessary
  • Visit sites generally monthly and review the works in progress against progress and quality reports prepared by the contractor
  • Agreement on the client’s behalf of the amounts due for periodic payment to the contractor under the contract
  • Maintain post-contract cost advice, including issue of financial reports as required at regular intervals
  • Advise on, issue, and agree contract instructions as the work proceeds and the final account as presented by the contractor
  • Liaise with the employer (client) on the status of the works in respect of suitability for the issue of a statement of practical completion and facilitate handover to the employer on completion of the works
  • Visit site to inspect and schedule any post-completion defects on making good any necessary post-completion defects, issue Certificate of Making Good


  1. Outturn costs – advising clients on maximum financial liability with ongoing construction projects.
  2. Changes – undertaking assessments of variations under the contract and negotiated fair and reasonable settlements.
  3. Planning – advising clients on risks associated with non-compliance.
  4. Building control – highlighting non-complaint matters to clients and advising on potential impact.
  5. Programme and cashflow – advising client on likely and current delays to the project and likely completion dates.