Rachel Graham

Land Referencer

Gateley Hamer

  • Guildford
  • t: 01483 230115
  • m: 07500 304695


Rachel has worked on different nationally significant infrastructure projects (NIPS) which consist of the Heathrow Third Runway Expansion, Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing, Lake Lothing Third River Crossing and M54 to M6 Link Road which have all been DCOs. She has also worked on Dudley Interchange and High Lane Estate CPOs. 

Not only has Rachel carried out land referencing for these NSIPs but has also worked on the consultation side of the projects.

This has led Rachel to have the knowledge and expertise on statutory consultation procedures, both desk top and on-site referencing, to produce a Book of Reference, work well with both clients and stakeholders, and deliver in-house training to colleagues.


  1. Previously had the role of category three lead for Heathrow’s Third Runway Expansion which had over 200,000 persons or organisations that needed to be consulted with through the DCO process. 
  2. Gained knowledge of the different types on planning used within the UK which include, Development Consent Orders (DCOs), Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), Vesting Orders and Hybrid Bills.
  3. Developed skills in the use of geographical information systems (GIS), worked on specific databases to collate land referencing information and create methodologies to best reference planning areas, this includes both desk top and contact site visits.
  4. Carried out public consultations and attended the consultation events for projects such as Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing and Heathrow Third Runway Expansion. Needed to know the scheme in great detail, the compensation available and answer land referencing questions on how this relates to the planning application. 
  5. Understanding and interpreting Her Majesty's Land Registry title registers and plans in great detail to identify interests that range across freehold, leasehold, beneficiary, rights and restrictive covenants. 

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