Ryan Watson


Gateley Capitus

  • Belfast
  • t: 0289 026 9916


Ryan has a background in quantity surveying after gaining a BSc Hons degree at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown and has several years’ experience working in the construction industry. 

Prior to joining Gateley Capitus in April 2019, Ryan spent three years working as an assistant quantity surveyor for a property developer, one year university placement as a cost consultant in Canada and then five years as a capital allowances consultant. 

Ryan has worked on a wide range of projects throughout his career and has played a significant role in calculating the capital allowances on a range of large commercial properties throughout the UK and Ireland.


  1. Undertaking an analysis of capital expenditure on a commercial skyscraper in Central London costing over £200m.
  2. Conducting annual capital expenditure review for one of the largest listed property companies in Central London.
  3. Conducting a historic review, survey and analysis of the largest hotel in Ireland.
  4. Conducting annual capital expenditure review for a portfolio of properties owned by one of the world’s largest furniture retailers (IKEA).
  5. Conducting annual capital expenditure review for a property investment and development company owning £2.5bn of real estate in Central London.

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