Preparing your business for Brexit

As uncertainty intensifies around how Brexit will unfold, businesses are understandably concerned about how to effectively prepare and plan for the future.

We have been helping our clients navigate their way through that complexity in a number of areas by offering practical guidance and advice from across a number of our legal and advisory teams.

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How we are helping clients

Resourcing strategies and the movement of people

Our Global Mobility & Immigration team helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to create effective resourcing and workforce plans for different scenarios, looking across their operations.
You can access free insight and guidance on Brexit and immigration issues, and much more, on our Talking HR website.

We advise organisations on how to develop pragmatic resourcing strategies including:

  • Resource audits: collating and analysing data on an existing workforce to assess the extent to which they rely on non-UK EU nationals and non-EU family members in the UK and also UK nationals who they may employ across the EU. Our team help clients to identify critical roles which may be affected and areas of a business which may be disproportionately impacted.
  • Reward strategies: we can evaluate the potential changes to social security costs and double taxation agreements post-Brexit as well as the impact on international reward strategies.
  • Employee support: our team delivers presentations and conduct workshops and one-to-one ‘clinics’ for a business’ EU population.
  • International resourcing strategies: we work with resourcing teams to develop recruiting strategies to address potential resource issues and to ensure effective, uninterrupted international mobility
  • In-house training: we upskill HR teams on the latest Brexit developments, the new immigration regime and consequential changes to visa processes and right to work checks.

Brexit – what happens next?

As widespread uncertainty with Brexit persists, our immigration team have untangled the myriad possible immigration scenarios to provide clear and forward-looking pathways of the likely outcomes of the decisions of the weeks, months and years ahead. Whether it be an approval for the Draft Withdrawal Agreement as it stands or as amended, or whether Article 50 is extended by two months or two years; see what each potential scenario means in terms of the immigration rights of EU nationals over the next few years. Download now >

A workforce planning guide for Brexit

The post-Brexit UK immigration system is beginning to take shape and so it is vital for employers to start assessing the impact which the inevitable changes will have on their business. Download our guide.

Audit and renegotiation of commercial contracts

For many businesses Brexit will have a very real impact on the contractual arrangements in place. However, not many businesses have a plan in place to proactively review and manage the process of preparing for necessary changes to those contracts.

Our Commercial legal team can help with all aspects of reviewing contractual arrangements and the terms that business are done on, flagging any potential issues and providing you with the right solutions. This includes engaging your trade partners and – if required – agreeing alternative terms where needed.

Brexit Contract Audit

Our Brexit Contract Audit helps businesses assess key contractual commitments by identifying where those arrangements might need to be reviewed. Our team work with clients to understand what is in place across the fundamental parts of a business’ operation and then rate the level of risk associated with each area to define what needs addressing. The key contractual areas we review would typically include:

• Trade and customs
• Movement of goods and services
• Supply chain
• Reputation and branding
• Contractual agreements and more.

Download a copy of our Brexit Contract Audit

You can see an example of our ‘Brexit Contract Audit’ by adding your name and email to the form below. If you complete this form a member of our Commercial team will be in touch to discuss any requirements you might have.

Watch a video from our recent Ultimate Guide to Brexit Event

Earlier this year we hosted the ‘Ultimate Business Guide to Brexit’ with Nucleus Commercial Finance and Trade Finance Global. You can watch interviews with our expert speakers and a highlights video here.

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Useful resources

Migration Advisory Committee: six summarised recommendations and what happens next

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published its recommendations for potential adjustments to the UK’s immigration system to facilitate future EU immigration. Download our report to understand the significance of this report and what happens next. Download now>

Ten ways that Brexit will impact immigration

We look at what we have learned to date about immigration in the UK following the UK’s departure from the EU. Read more >

An overview of the UK immigration system

For those of you who have never had to consider the UK immigration system, but who may do so in the near future, or who are simply curious as to how it works, read on. Read more >