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We work in a global economy which increasingly requires organisations to move talent across borders.

Global mobility assignments have increased by 25% in the past decade and forecasters are predicting that this trend is expected to continue with a further 50% increase in assignments by 2020. [Source: HR Magazine, July 2016].

Many organisations focus on the tax, compliance and logistical aspects of any move without considering the strategic decisions around global talent management or the human context of international mobility.

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What we do

Gateley Plc provides a unique offering. Our global mobility team provides a comprehensive service, ranging from a holistic view supporting every aspect of the employee life cycle to a bespoke support package, delivering more specialised advice for particularly complex requirements.

We work with a range of international organisations across a variety of sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, technology, defence, and healthcare, to help ensure they can move their people across borders quickly and on budget.

We support leadership teams, global mobility functions and HR departments in understanding the detail behind the broader aspects of global mobility which can be the difference between failing to deliver business objectives and having a global mobility programme which enhances business success.

This is underpinned by regular education and training programmes in order to share insights and best practice including in the areas of management resiliency, assessing preparedness and learning..

Our comprehensive offering

As experts in international employment, our Global Mobility team help organisations with all aspects of managing the cross-border deployment of staff, helping to make the complex simple, including:

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It has been projected that within the next 15 years, there will be a labour deficit in most of the 15 largest economies. Given that these 15 economies make up 70% of global GDP, the crisis will affect almost every large multinational company.

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