Immigration & Global Mobility

Helping organisations to move people around the world quickly, tax efficiently and legally

Moving people around the world can be seen as a complex process: dealing with immigration requirements; understanding the tax implications for both the individual and the organisation; considering the international employee benefits; drafting international employment contracts and relocation agreements; and much more. Not to mention the practical considerations for the employee themselves of moving their life: new home, new schools; new bank accounts; lots of “new”.

For many organisations, considering their talent pool from an international perspective can give them a competitive advantage but too often clients tell us that getting these projects over the line can just prove too difficult and costly. Advice can be confusing, lacking in commercial focus, costly and impractical.

As experts in international mobility, we work closely with HR and talent teams, in-house legal teams and Boards to wipe away the confusion and complexity. By combining legal, HR and strategic expertise we address the fiscal, legal and regulatory issues around global mobility projects and international assignments as simply as possible: ultimately we help our clients to get the right people to work in the right territories with the right documentation at a cost which is right for their organisation.

If you need to move people around the world to achieve your strategic objectives and would like to work with a team that is focused on delivering this without the drama, please get in touch. You will find more information on the pages below but please feel free to contact us to discuss how we could help.