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Property assets are by their very nature subject to a range of issues that can potentially hit landlords and developers hard.

The priorities and interests of property owners, occupiers and developers are often conflicted. And when that turns in to a full blown dispute the fall-out can be extremely costly. 

What do we do?

We tackle every kind of property-related dispute you can think of, helping our clients to resolve issues as quickly as possible. And we do this with housebuilders, corporate occupiers, property developers and investors, advising on:

  • break notices, dilapidations and forfeiture;
  • land registration disputes;
  • issues relating to landlord's consent and lease renewals;
  • possession claims;
  • recovery of rent and other arrears;
  • rights to light and other easement disputes;
  • service charge issues;
  • property-related insolvency;
  • nuisance and trespass issues; and
  • restrictive covenants.

Professional negligence

The team also advises on purchase issues, professional negligence claims and property co-ownership disputes. This work includes advising clients on property-related disputes against other solicitors, valuers and professional agents; and assisting clients in disputes between property partners and joint venture partners.

Sophisticated team with a varied offering. Active in arbitrations, court proceedings and expert determinations. Advises clients such as developers, house builders, tenants and landlords on disputes arising from tenancy agreements, possession claims and break notices.
Chambers UK, 2019

Resolving disputes before they reach court

We give pre-action advice, with the aim of resolving a dispute without the need for court proceedings. Our lawyers encourage mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution to get the right results for our clients. However, if a dispute can’t be resolved this way, we’re very experienced in bringing and defending proceedings in the County Court and High Court, regularly making and defending applications to the court for urgent remedies.

Property-related insolvency litigation

We advise on property-related insolvency issues including disputes arising out of liquidation, administration and receivership of landlords, tenants, sub-tenants and third parties.

Possession claims expertise

For our developer clients we can take action to resist an adverse possession claim in relation to a site and issue possession claims on behalf of clients. We also address enforcement releases and/ or modification of restrictive covenants.

Who do we help?

Our clients include property owners, occupiers, developers, investors and management companies. We advise 17 of the top 20 national housebuilders on a broad range of contentious property matters. 

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