Businesses continue to face extremely challenging times, with redundancies likely to be an unfortunate consequence of the increased costs and financial difficulties that many organisations are dealing with against the background of a recession. Meanwhile, recent widespread industrial action looks likely to continue with higher inflation rates placing pressure on wage negotiations whilst proposed new laws aimed at limiting the impact of strike action look set to be challenged in the courts. This also may be the year that we finally see some new employment legislation, with changes to holiday pay calculations plus delayed reforms to flexible work rights, family-related leave and for the distribution of tips getting Government-backing to proceed. 

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How we add value

Gateley’s employment team advises on the full range of employment law issues helping businesses of all sizes to manage their workforces confidently, consistently and compliantly, dealing with the host of challenges that arise.

Our focus is to add value to a HR function helping organisations to navigate all stages of the employee life cycle.

Recruitment & onboarding

Back in 2014, research by Oxford Economics suggested that it cost over £25,000 to recruit someone. This figure takes into consideration the costs of recruitment, the loss of productivity while the new recruit gets up to speed and the management time spent on the recruitment process. Research across five sectors suggested that the annual cost of recruitment exceeds £4.16bn.

In 2019 the Society for Human Resource Management predicted that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average. In the current economic climate, minimising all people-related overheads is essential, not least in relation to recruitment and retention. We help businesses to manage all aspects of the recruitment process, including immigration. Find out more here.


The leadership strategy, leadership assessment and leadership development specialists within Kiddy & Partners and t-three work alongside HR and talent teams in organisations to create the behaviours required to deliver organisational change and to support business performance. 


Creating a working environment which delivers positive outcomes for both employer and employee is critical. In the CIPD’s 2022 ‘Resourcing and talent planning survey’, more than 60% of companies surveyed had issues retaining staff. We regularly work with employers to improve their employer brand whether that is through accelerating learning and performance or by improving remuneration and benefit packages, policies and processes 


No-one wants to be involved in an employment dispute – not an employer nor an employee. We help clients to deal with each stage of an employment dispute professionally and efficiently, minimising the impact on all parties.

We are particularly strong in relation to confidentiality and post-termination restrictions, working closely with our colleagues within commercial litigation. We are also noted for our depth of experience and expertise in acting for both employers and senior employees in executive severance situations. We have acted for several senior executives across multiple sectors and industries, negotiating complex and high-value severances in often very challenging circumstances.