Property services consulting

Our property services consultants are experts at advising on property acquisitions and have a wide range of complementary services across our large legal team in construction, planning, banking, tax and corporate structuring, all of which combine to create a fully inclusive and project-managed service from a single partner point of contact.

Our property service consultancy businesses

Specialising in capital allowances on commercial property, land remediation relief and tax incentives.

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Advice on easements and wayleaves for utilities infrastructure, CPOs, land referencing & public inquiries. 

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Specialist, corporate advisory, dispute resolution and consultancy to the built environment.

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People consultancy

Our people consultancy services, formed of T-three and Kiddy and Partners, create one of the largest consultancy businesses of it’s kind in the UK.

Our people consultancy businesses

Kiddy & Partners is a leader in the field, delivering a comprehensive set of people consultancy services to businesses looking to improve the performance of their leaders and senior managers. Services include Leadership Assessment & Talent Management – executive assessment for Boards considering change, assessment of high-potential senior executives for development, management team due diligence and post-M&A management assessment. Its client base includes FTSE 250 companies and multi-national companies. 

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T-three offers services and products to businesses that enable them to develop their senior people and effect cultural change within the business itself. Its client base includes multinational companies, large public sector organisations and SMEs across the UK and worldwide.T-three offers services and products to businesses that enable them to develop their senior people and effect cultural change within the business itself. Its client base includes multinational companies, large public sector organisations and SMEs across the UK and worldwide.

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A day in the life of a Kiddy & Partners consultant

What’s your role and how do you help clients?

My responsibility as Research & Impact Director is to ensure that our services are underpinned by the latest evidence, to share the latest research and thinking with our clients, and to evaluate of the impact of our client work. This involves both internally-facing and externally-facing elements, for instance, working with marketing colleagues to share thought-provoking, evidence-based content such as articles and webinars with clients and contacts, or engaging directly with clients to deliver leadership development sessions. 

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

Each day typically includes several virtual meetings. These could be internal meetings about a marketing campaign, or with fellow Kiddy Psychologists to discuss the latest research in relation to an element of our practice and discuss how we might incorporate it into our client work. Or it could be a meeting with a client to discuss delivery of a session with a group of leaders, or follow-up evaluation of the impact of work we’ve already delivered.

I live in Nottingham but since Kiddy & Partners are based primarily in the London office, I would typically spend a day a week in the London office and work remotely the rest of the time (I’m also part-time as I balance my role at Kiddy with an Academic role in a University). So I can definitely say that Kiddy & Partners are open to flexible work arrangements!

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley?

Gateley likes to celebrate and throws an amazing Staff party.  My first experience of this was the circus-themed party in 2019 - it was great to see everyone get fully into the spirit of things (I think that’s as much detail as I’ll go into!). 

A day in the life of a t-three consultant

Ruth Bourne, Client Director, t-three

What is your role and how do you help clients?

My role is varied, and no two days are the same – which I love. A typical day is focused on supporting organisations get where they want to go one behaviour at a time, so it’s a mix of leadership, management and culture development. Through a blend of applied psychological and leadership theory and best practice - and, most important, pragmatic tools and technology, I help individuals and organisations build productive habits to improve their working lives and the impact of what they do. 

I’m often seen working with an individual or team to bring a careful balance of support and challenge through questions and activities that stretch them to develop. At t-three we aren’t traditional trainers working to set scripts in the development programmes we run, so I often have to quickly adapt what we are doing in a session to meet what’s happening in the moment. And as a result of COVID, I have developed my virtual delivery skills even further!

What does your day-to-day work consist of?

On a daily basis I’m heavily focused on business development and account management to keep the t-three business being successful and I proudly tell the stories of how the work we have done has benefitted. 

Has there been a particular highlight for you whilst with Gateley? 

The highlight of my day is always when I’m spending time with my team who are just amazing, skilled people who are dedicated to helping people grow and develop and my role is to see what I can do to ensure they are happy and can continue doing their best work.

Inward investment

Our inward investment team, Gateley Global, brings together a team to help international business to expand into new global markets. The team help organisations invest in overseas markets by identifying four key things: the right location, the right people, the right funding and the right infrastructure.

A day in the life of an inward investment consultant

Rebecca Bekkenutte, Managing Director, Gateley Global

What is your role and how do you help clients?

I am the Managing Director for Gateley Global. My role is very dynamic and diverse and covers both private and public sector work. The primary functions of my role are: to support non-UK owned businesses that are looking to either set up and/or grow their presence in the UK, generate opportunities across the firm through business development activities and respond to public sector tenders to deliver managed services programmes such as inward investment services or place marketing initiatives for local authorities and LEPs working with local government bodies and national organisation such as the Department for International Trade. 

What does your day to day work consist of?

My daily activities will depend on what my clients need, what tenders are live and whether or not we have any activities to perform for tenders the team has won. Over the last three months, the team has been very busy in writing a large multi-submission tender; creating a delivery service from scratch in lines with a set budget and mobilisation plan.  I have also been leading on the writing and submission of several other local government tenders (although on a much smaller scale).  I have been involved with ‘Meet the Expert’ calls with Turkish entrepreneurs looking to grow their business in the UK, and I have been running a series of ‘UK Insight’ Webinars aimed at American businesses in Texas who may be considering expansion into the UK and/or Europe.

Has there been a particular highlight for you while at Gateley?

So far, the highlight for me while at Gateley has definitely been the tendering and submission process for a multi-million pound public sector tender. I led on the Inward Investment service line, and I had to create a full-scale plan on managing a team, creating a team structure and functions, propose a delivery time-scale and performance outcomes as well as creating innovative solutions to delivering the client’s suggested leading indicators.