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We are leading providers of leadership development and assessment and are skilled at working with senior leaders in large and complex organisations. 

Organisations are facing unprecedented market change which requires significant strategic shifts, structural transformation, and new leadership capabilities. That’s where we come in. 

In the 21st century, authentic, empowering and purposeful leadership matters more than ever. We build the leadership required by businesses and society to thrive in a world of accelerating disruption, ambiguity and uncertainty.


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How Kiddy & Partners Helps Clients

We help organisations build the leadership capability needed to ensure future success. We achieve this by focusing on mindset, skillset and context.

Delivering commercial outcomes: We address the specific leadership issues that determine the success of your business. We combine leading evidence-based business psychology with a strong business orientation and focus on immediate and sustained impact.

As an external partner, we provide outside-in insights. Our holistic approach gets right to the heart of your organisation, leadership, and market reality. We develop a nuanced understanding of the issues you face.

Providing independent advice: We’re independent, so we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to representing candidates favourably or unfavourably. We’ll uncover what you need to know and tell you what you need to hear.

We believe in the mutual benefits of working in partnership. Working closely with you across organisational levels and boundaries we co-create effective, lasting solutions.

Kiddy & Partners' Digital Delivery Platform

KaPture, our online platform delivers a robust and rounded digital leadership assessment process.

Our bespoke platform, which can be branded for your business, provides an easy pathway through which individuals can complete pre-work, psychometrics, 360 surveys, case-studies and simulation exercises.

Business simulations, delivered through KaPture, are designed to test and stretch an individual’s capabilities, assessing their potential for future performance at both current and more senior levels.

The key benefits of KaPture include: 

  1. Remote capability: assessments can be conducted at arm’s length to reduce travel 
  2. High face validity: experience is interactive, realistic and takes place in real time through MS Office interface 
  3. Level specific: bespoke approaches for different levels of seniority 
  4. Environmentally friendly: no travel time or use of paper 
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