Capital allowances

Whether you are an investor or an occupier who buys or manages commercial properties, builds new schemes, refurbishes existing buildings or fits out space for occupation, capital allowances can save tax on the money spent. Our capital allowances service for all property investment includes:

  • Analysing refurbishment and new construction project expenditures to understand make the most of plant and machinery allowances and other tax reliefs
  • Pre-contract advice on purchases to ensure unclaimed allowances are identified and the right steps are taken at the time of the deal and preparing specialist valuations for capital allowances purposes
  • Historical reviews of property portfolios to capture overlooked capital allowances
  • Working with Gateley’s tax team to understand and manage wider implications and opportunities arising from property investment
  • Advising on the disposal of property to ensure future tax relief is not surrendered unnecessarily
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Navigating R&D tax claims with expertise

R&D tax credits were introduced by Government in 2000, as a generous incentive to further innovation and grow businesses in the UK. Despite its wide use, understanding and correctly navigating these schemes can be a complex task. Our mission is to provide specialised services tailored to your company’s unique needs, ensuring you accurately claim what you are entitled to.

Our team, combining technical expertise and tax specialisation, provides informed guidance to align your claim with HMRC standards.

  • In-depth analysis of R&D activities: We identify eligible R&D activities in your company, ensuring comprehensive claim coverage.
  • Robust documentation: Our experts prepare detailed technical and financial reports, crucial for substantiating your claim.
  • Historic claim review: We asses previous claims to identify any areas for improvement or overlooked projects.
  • Full end-to-end claim management: We handle the claim process while keeping you informed and defending any HMRC challenge into the claim.
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Patent Box

The Patent Box is a government tax incentive to reward innovative UK companies who create and protect intellectual property using patents.

We help companies to calculate their Patent Box benefit including:

  • Assessing eligibility for the Patent Box scheme.
  • Identifying costs eligible for inclusion in a Patent Box election (Is election the right word rather than claim?)
  • Preparing both technical and financial documentation to support a companies’ Patent Box elections.
  • Agreeing these elections with HMRC.
  • We work closely with in house patent attorneys to understand whether a product is adequately protected. 
  • With help from the patent attorneys within Gateley we can provide advice on existing patents and identify opportunities for future patents.
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Land Remediation Relief

Land remediation relief is the most generous tax incentive available for real estate expenditure. As specialists, we are able to assess the scope of qualifying works and maximise the true extent of tax relief.  

As part of a company’s land purchase, it is vital to understand any potential costs associated with the removal of man-made and natural contamination or below ground obstructions. The implications of these issues can have a considerable impact on the viability of a development which needs to be addressed within the offer terms and purchase price.

When clean-up expenditure is incurred, our advice lowers a company’s tax bill or secures a cash payment from HM Revenue

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International tax depreciation analysis

Most countries have their own tax depreciation system that differs from UK capital allowances.  For investors acquiring properties overseas, our tax depreciation analysis and cost segregation services maximise the tax relief available under the local rules in each jurisdiction. This can be achieved by accelerating the depreciation of a property at rates that reflect the economic life of each component element.

By preparing a tax depreciation and cost segregation analysis on the expenditure incurred on a purchase, refurbishment or new development, investors can:

  • Reduce current and future tax liabilities
  • Improve cash flow
  • Free up capital for further investment

We can liaise and work with local advisors and provide a specialist service, making us a valuable partner when investing in commercial property worldwide.

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