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Is your company engaged in research and development (R&D) activities? If so, you may be entitled to generous Government incentives which provide a tax benefit to assist companies who innovate to grow their business.

What is R&D tax relief?

R&D tax credits are a Government incentive to reward UK companies for investing in innovation. This UK tax relief is a valuable source of funding for companies to assist in their business growth and future innovations. 

Companies spending money on developing new products and processes or improving existing ones may be able to claim R&D tax credits. This relief enables qualifying companies to claim back a proportion of their expenditure on R&D as tax credits, which can reduce their tax liability or provide a tax credit, offering a considerable financial advantage. The scheme is not sector specific – if you’re spending money on qualifying research and development, then you could be eligible to claim.

New to R&D tax credits?

If you have never claimed before, our team will be happy to help you through the claim process. 

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Already claiming R&D tax credits? 

Working with a specialist can make a real difference to your claim. At Gateley Capitus we have over 20 years of specialised technical and tax experience in full end-to-end R&D claims.

We not only help you to ensure that your company’s technical and financial reports are an accurate and detailed account of R&D projects undertaken, but also offer unparalleled support during enquiries at no extra cost. 

We understand the importance of being thoroughly informed about the contents of your company’s Additional Information Form (the form required by HMRC to submit a claim) and the supplementary technical and financial reports, especially with the recent changes to the scheme.

Our team provides a service tailored to your company’s needs, whether it is our comprehensive end-to-end claim assistance, or a review of your current claim process. 

The ever-evolving criteria and interpretations of the scheme necessitate obtaining the best advice available. Contact us to discuss your current claim and discover how our expertise can make a significant difference to your business.

What are R&D tax credits?

R&D tax credits are a valuable incentive for companies to encourage future innovation.

Watch our short video for an explanation of R&D tax credits and why they matter.

What do we do?

We assist companies in accessing their full entitlement to tax incentives, maintaining the utmost accuracy and integrity. Our services include providing all necessary guidance and documentation for your R&D tax relief claim. Regardless of your company’s size or the scope of your R&D activities, our consultants are always available to support you, ensuring clear communication and a collaborative approach every step of the way.

As appointed agents, we specialise in meticulously analysing projects to assess if they qualify for relief, ensuring a robust and transparent assessment in full compliance with HMRC guidance. Our focus is on providing a detailed and accurate evaluation, aligning with the criteria set by HMRC to support your claim effectively.

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Effective 1 April 2023, the UK Government has implemented several reforms to the R&D tax relief scheme, focusing on reducing abusive practices and enhancing compliance. Significant among these changes is the requirement of an Additional Information Form (AIF) for all claims filed after 8 August 2023, aiding HMRC in more efficient processing of these claims.


These changes underscore the importance of working with experienced and reputable advisors.


HMRC recognises the value of these reliefs to businesses and with the recent changes in policy, now is the ideal time to review your current claim process. Ensuring that your approach aligns with the latest guidelines is crucial for compliance. A thorough review can help safeguard your claims against evolving regulations and ensure that your company is fully informed.

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Who do we help?

Our expertise extends across the business spectrum, from dynamic SMEs to expansive multinational corporations, unlocking the full potential of tax incentives. We pride ourselves on having successfully worked shoulder to shoulder with a multitude of companies across various industries.

Equipped with over 20 years’ experience and insights specific to each industry, we tailor our services to ensure your company is fully informed. We work closely with innovative companies in construction, engineering, IT, food and beverage, health and life sciences, and even traditional manufacturing enterprises, promoting year-on-year re-investment into innovation while maintaining compliance and accuracy.

How much does this cost?

We usually work on a contingent fee basis. This means there is a direct link with the result, no downside in involving us, and you have peace of mind that our goals are fully aligned with yours. However, we’re always willing to discuss alternative fee structures. Whatever the fee structure, you will always keep the lion’s share of the benefit.

In the unlikely event that HMRC queries our claims, we don’t charge any additional fees.

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