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Capital allowances represent a generous tax relief that could give you the power to maximise your tax savings – and minimise your liabilities for expenditure that you incur buying, building, refurbishing or fitting out commercial property.

If our clients are buying commercial properties, developing new schemes, occupying or refurbishing, they could benefit from some generous tax reliefs via capital allowances.

What do we do?

With more than 20 years’ capital allowances experience, we’re perfectly positioned to help our clients to maximise tax relief, drawing on our property surveying skills, our ability to interpret legal precedents and our industry-leading knowledge of accounting and tax.

Our capital allowances service can be applied at each stage of the property investment lifecycle:

Pre-purchase/ pre-construction

  • Pre-contract advice on property acquisitions to ensure capital allowances are identified and dealt with effectively
  • Assessment of new construction projects, refurbishments and fitting out works to understand and maximise the availability of plant and machinery allowances and other tax reliefs


  • Historical reviews of property portfolios to capture unclaimed capital allowances


  • Providing advice to our clients and their advisors on the disposal of property to ensure current and future tax relief is not inadvertently forfeited

We work closely with the Gateley Legal Tax team to ensure that the wider tax implications and opportunities arising from property investment and development are maximised.

What are Capital allowances?

Capital allowances are a key tax planning consideration. They are offered to companies and individuals that invest in and develop commercial property. So for every one pound spent on building, renovating or fitting out, up to 40 pence could be available as tax relief.

To find out more on what capital allowances are and why they matter, watch our short video. 


Who do we help?

Our clients include organisations and individuals buying, managing, developing or occupying commercial property.

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