Tax depreciation analysis

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Gateley Capitus

We segregate the costs associated with the construction of a property and perform a tax depreciation analysis to identify those parts that attract depreciation at accelerated rates in the country where the property has been constructed.

What do we do?

We provide straightforward, pragmatic and timely advice, in areas such as:

  • assessing and providing a cash flow forecast of the potential savings available on acquisitions and construction projects;
  • advising on the local legislation and the ability to work with advisors to identify risk factors and opportunities;
  • preparing a detailed cost segregation analysis and applying specific depreciation rates to ensure tax relief is both maximised and accelerated; and
  • preparing capital allowances claims on properties held by UK companies receiving rental income from properties owned overseas.

We can liaise and work with local advisors and provide a specialist service, making us a valuable partner when investing in commercial property worldwide.

Who do we help?

We provide a tax depreciation analysis for companies investing in properties outside of the UK including The Republic of Ireland, USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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