The context has shifted, dramatically. Not only do businesses’ operating contexts look markedly different to a year ago, but also challenges facing leaders and employees’ expectations of leaders have changed, necessitating a different leadership approach.

To do so, it is critical that we are in tune with the context in which leaders need to operate both now and in future, and what great leadership looks like in that context. That insight – in the form of skills, attributes, knowledge, and behaviours – forms the backbone of our assessment approach and the direction we accelerate leaders towards. 

We have undertaken a comprehensive research study into the Future of Leadership. We have investigated the current and future challenges facing leaders and, therefore, what behaviours, attributes and values are critical for them to lead effectively now and in the near future.

Three critical priorities for leaders

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We have distilled our insights into three critical priorities which we outline below, along with the associated challenges for leadership behaviour. Each challenge is critical because it requires a significant shift from more traditional views of leadership. For each, we provide quotes from our interviews to bring the themes to life.

  1. The purpose imperative

  2. Moving from expertise to awareness 

  3. Creating followership, engagement and loyalty in an increasingly virtual world