Charlotte Forsblad (nee Harman)

Senior Consultant

Kiddy & Partners


Charlotte is a business psychologist specialising in assessment and development. She has worked with a variety of international organisations across the public, private and charitable sectors, including organisations in the energy, retail, telecommunications, and financial services industries.
Her experience spans the design and delivery of processes focusing on inclusive leadership development, high potential identification, manager/leader development using psychometrics and 360-degree feedback, and high-volume early talent sifting and selection. These processes involve activities ranging from one-to-one coaching or feedback session delivery to designing large-scale assessment and development centre programmes.

Charlotte is passionate about developing cutting-edge assessment processes that support organisations’ diversity and inclusion agendas and provide every individual fair and equal opportunity for success. She has specialist knowledge, and several pieces of published work, around inclusive leadership, female ambition and blockers to female career progression. She is also interested understanding future requirements of leadership and in supporting leaders’ development to succeed in a more digitised, diverse and creative world.

Prior to joining Kiddy and Partners, Charlotte worked for an international talent management organisation which focuses on early talent selection, high potential identification and leadership assessment for selection and development. 

Charlotte has a Masters in Organisational Psychology from City University, London, and is currently completing the qualification to become a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. She is a qualified test user with leading psychometrics, including PAPI, OPQ, 16PF and EIP. 


  1. Developing a bespoke 360-degree feedback tool for a large financial public sector organisation and managing a programme of feedback provision and follow on coaching to the top 350 leaders, supporting them to drive business transformation. 
  2. Designing a global end-to-end selection process for technical roles within an international oil and gas company, including a situational judgement test, and half-day assessment centre.  
  3. Developing an inclusive leadership model and associated development solution to be used with clients, including educational workshops, 360-degree feedback and 1:1 inclusive leadership coaching. This solution was piloted within both the private and public sector. 
  4. Delivering personality focused coaching sessions to 75 senior leaders in a large financial private sector organisation, supporting them to drive a restructuring programme and digitisation initiative. 
  5. Delivering 360-degree feedback to middle-managers on a people management development programme for a global oil and gas company to enable them to make the shift into more senior team-leader roles.